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How can I access ArcGIS, ArcPro, ENVI, and other software online?
You can access some Geography lab applications, including ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap and ArcCatalog), ENVI, and some other software online. The website is and students will login with their NetID and NetID password.

Connecting with a Mac

Go to the Apple App Store and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop client. Note: Your App Store may look different based on theme and macOS version. 


Click on Get, then Install to install the client when prompted.

After the client is installed, open the client to do the initial setup. Then, browse to and login with your NetID and NetID password.

If you skip this step you'll complete the initial setup on the first launch of the lab computer. You'll just need to re-open the connection file (ending in .rdp) in your downloads folder. 


After you login you'll see a screen that shows various Science Hall lab applications. Click on one to open it and run the application. If you are prompted to login again, just use your NetID and password once more.

If you receive a certificate error, this is OK. The certificate is issued by the SHC domain which doesn't have a root trust relationship setup at the moment, thus the error. Do not worry though; your connection is secure. This issue will be fixed in the near future.

After a few moments the Remote Desktop session will open for you.

Connecting with a PC

PCs with Windows versions other than Windows 10 Home can access application using Remote Desktop, which is included. Windows 10 Home does not come with Remote Desktop capabilities. You will need to upgrade your version of Windows 10 to a version other than Home if you are trying to access Remote Desktop applications.

Browse to and login with your NetID and NetID password.

You will see a selection of Science Hall Lab Applications you can run. Click on one to launch it. If prompted to login again, just use your NetID and password again. If you receive and certificate errors, go ahead and accept them. The connection is secure.


-This technology experiences some issues from time to time. If you cannot access the applications or the site, or get a 0x104 error, please email the SHC Help Desk at with the issue.

-The server can only handle a small to medium number of people at a given time due to resource constraints. If the website or application is slow please try again later when use may be lower.

-A fast internet connection is highly recommended.

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