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How do I add/edit my profile on the UW Geography Website?
What is a profile?

A profile is a picture and short description/biography about yourself, your interests, current research areas, and other facts that you want the general public to know about you. Your profile can link to your email address as well as a faculty webpage, CV, and other sites of interest.

Where are the profiles for faculty, staff, and graduate students located?

All profiles are linked from the People menu on the Geography homepage, Direct links to different profile areas are below:

How do I add my profile picture and information to my profile?

To add a new profile to the Geography website (i.e. you are a new graduate student in the department), send an email containing your first name, last name, and your NetID (the part before your email address) to the Geography Help Desk ( and state that you are requesting a profile for the Geography page.

Once we process your request a shell profile will be created for you. Once we respond with your temporary password, go to and login. Please note that this password is unique to this site and is not the same as any other password. This may change in the future to be integrated with the UW's NetID system. 

If you forget your password enter your NetID on the page and click on the Reset Password button. Once your password reset email arrives use that link to set a new password within the given guidelines. You will then be logged in and able to edit your profile. 

 Why is my profile picture not showing up even though other changes appear to be working correctly?

Profile pictures have been an issue in the past - profile pictures will not upload or display unless they are EXACTLY 128x170 px (128 pixels wide/horizontally by 170 pixels tall/vertically).

If you need assistance resizing your picture to match these dimensions then please check out the article at Note: You may need to uncheck the Maintain Aspect Ratio checkbox in step 6 to get an image that is EXACTLY 128x170 px. in size.


Can I just copy and paste things from my CV/Resume from Microsoft Word/Adobe Acrobat/Other text editor into the form fields on the profile editing page?

If you are using text from a Word document, PDf document, or any other word processor to fill out your profile, please do NOT copy and paste directly from Word to the text fields in the profile editor! Doing so will cause all sorts of text, font, and alignment headaches. Instead, copy the text from Word into Notepad, Textedit, or any other plain-text editor (Wordpad is NOT a plain-text editor) and then copy the text from Notepad into the profile editor. That will strip out any extraneous formatting and make your profile look like it fits in with the rest of the page. This is the number one reason why a person's profile page is messed up.

When I go to the profile editing page I get a weird error about not having access/web site is forbidden. How do I fix this?

To prevent people from abusing the profile page to debase or hack the Geography website, access to the profile editing page is restricted to computers directly connected to the Science Hall network with a cable or to computers that are connected to the Science Hall network using a VPN connection.

To fix this issue, install the VPN client as outlined for your computer at Before you can use VPN, however, you will need to establish an SHC (Science Hall Computing) account so that you are authorized to connect to our servers. Having an SHC account also allows you to print to the building's printers and gain access to other resources. Instructions for requesting an SHC account can be found at

I can't seem to get this to work properly or I need one on one help with this. What should I do?

We are glad to help you out! Stop by the Help Desk, room M376 (inside the computer lab and across the hallway from the Cartography Lab) and we will gladly work with you to get your profile page looking good. Please note that the first 6 weeks of the semester are very busy so please plan ahead as best as you can.

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