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How do I connect to the network with the GlobalProtect VPN client?
DoIT has introduced a new VPN client from PaloAlto called GlobalProtect. It is a replacement for the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client. 

DoIT provides instructions on how to install the client for both Windows ( and OS X at

Once you have the VPN client installed, you can connect to the GlobalProtect VPN by following the instructions below:


1. After installing the client you'll see a screen that looks similar to this in the bottom right-hand corner (if you don't see it look for a small gray circle icon in your bottom right tray that looks like this):



2. The portal address is:


3. Login with your SHC Username (no shc before or after the username) and password. You will then be connected to the SHC network.


4. Once you are connected to the VPN you can access the SHC network. You can map a network drive or add the room 160 copier now that you are connected.

5. To disconnect, open the icon area again in the bottom right corner, right-click on the blue Palo Alto GlobalProtect icon, and choose Disconnect.

6. To reconnect, follow step 5 but choose Connect.

OS X/macOS

1. After installing the client you will see a gray globe at the top of your Finder menu bar. Click on this and enter as the portal address. 

image - GlobalProtect Icon at the top of the Finder Menu in OS X/macOS - click on this to open the GlobalProtect client


2. Click Connect and enter your SHC username and password when prompted. You will then be connected to Science Hall. 


3. You can then connect to a server or printer. 

4. To disconnect, click on the globe icon again and choose Disconnect.

If you have the PaloAlto client installed already and have connected with it, you are already connecting to the server. This is fine if you just want to VPN in to campus without connecting to our servers. If you want to connect to Discovery, web servers, or any other server located in Science Hall, what you’ll need to do is create a new profile for the new server: To create a profile, follow the instructions below:

  • For Windows: Open the GlobalProtect client but do not connect. The latest version of the client can be opened from the Start Menu or by clicking (left or right, doesn’t matter) on the grey globe-looking icon in the bottom-right of your screen. Once open, click on the gear icon to the right of the text that says GlobalProtect in the connection window and choose Settings. To add a profile, click the icon that looks like a plus sign (+), then enter as the portal address. Make sure that address is selected in the profile dropdown box located at the bottom of the GlobalProtect connection box. Login then with your SHC username and password to connect. To disconnect, click on the globe icon again and choose Disconnect.
  • For OS X/macOS: Disconnect from the VPN if connected. Click on the grey globe at the top right of the screen. Click the gear icon and choose Settings. On the current tab, click on the + sign to add a portal address. Use as the address. Then, when connecting, choose the address form the dropdown box on the client. To disconnect, click on the globe at the top of the screen again and choose Disconnect.

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