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How do I setup VPN on my iPad/iPhone?
You can install VPN and connect to the Discovery file server by following these instructions:

1. Make sure your iOS device is connected to the Internet. Open the App Store and download and install FileExplorer. The app is free. 

2. Setup the GlobalProtect VPN client by following the instructions at

3. Open the GlobalProtect app and connect as described in the DoIT help desk article above.

4. To connect to the Discovery file server open FileExplorer. Click on the down arrow to open the options screen.


9. Click on the + sign to add a Windows server.


10. For the Connection information, use the following:

Display Name: Discovery
Host Name/IP: discovery
DNS Domain:
Port: Leave set to 445

For the Connect As section use your SHC username and password again. They'll be the same ones you used for the VPN connection. Finally, click Save.


11. Once you are successfully connected you can browse to the shared folder you want to connect to. Please note that many shared folders will appear and, based on your permissions, you may not have access to some.



If you get a username/password error make sure you are using your SHC username (which is the same as your NetID which may or may not be the same as the first part of your email address before the part) and your SHC password. If you need any of this information or do not have an SHC account please refer to the knowledgebase article on requesting an SHC account to get started.

If your password was recently reset you may be prompted to change your temporary password to a permanent one. Please do so, keeping in mind that passwords must be 8 or more characters long and have a mix of UPPER, lower, numbers, and symbols (including spaces).

If the FileExplorer app cannot find the file server be sure that your VPN connection is established. You'll see a VPN symbol in the upper left-hand corner of the screen if you are connected to the VPN.

Make sure the server name is set to Discovery and that the DNS Domain is

The free version of FileExplorer only allows for one server connection. If you choose to you may upgrade to the full version to add additional servers. The only information that will change will be the server name - the rest of the information stays the same.

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